Wednesday, October 3, 2012


The ride is more than 6 months away but increasingly I am putting in some hours scanning other peoples past blogs on the trans am. The great thing is that so many people have done it over the past 20 years or so and detailed their trips. Makes my homework task pretty easy!

So far here are some of my top sites that I've been browsing this week and that I will be referencing in the coming months...
A fantastic site about a Canadian couple that travelled the world. Really solid tips on packing and equipment.
Another great blog - same trip as me but by a guy called Andy a couple of years ago. Good read and decent tips (can't read too much as I dont want to spoil any surprises!)
A decent site with some good testimonials. Some of the videos are a little on the long side but the advice is earnest and the tips helpful.
Another good blog by an Englishman on the TransAm.
A treasure trove of information. Very heavy to read in one go (think text book) but amazing that this guy Ken has put in over 40 years of experience into this site.

Definitely gets the mind going. I think the next thing is to start looking into putting some decent training  runs in.

p.s. Cool graphic total lifted from this site :)