Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Trans America kit list

So every blog for cycle touring I have read has a kit list. This has been extremely useful for me. As I am heading to Australia first I need to have my panniers packed and ready to go this week. So, as the Knicks take on the Celtics on TV, here's what I packed so far:

On the Bike:
Fuel Belt cross bar bag
Sunlight handlebar bag
2 Ortleib rear panniers
2 white led front lights
1 red rear light (although I might get another)
Specialized helmet (with another light on top!)
2 insulated 24oz water bottles
A two man tent (a bit old and a bit heavy unfortunately)
Sleeping bag
Roll mat

Small bottle of bike lube
chain cable lock
4 spare inner tubes
Tyre levers
Swiss army knife
Hand pump
Head torch
Small roll of duct tape
Bike spanner
A few Allen keys
Pack of self adhesive tube patches

Pair of flip flops
Rain pants
Rainproof shoe covers
Rain jacket (shell)
Swimming trunks
3 pairs of socks
3 tshirts (made of sweat wicking material)
1 pair of tracksuit pants
2 pairs of shorts with padding
1 pair of basketball shorts
1 longsleeve cycling jersey
1 fleece sweater
1 casual shirt
1 pair of jeans (although I might jettison these on the journey)
1 reflective vest for poor visibility days/nights
1 pair of thin gloves
1 pair of fingerless riding gloves
1 skull cap
1 cycling cap

SLR with 35mm lens
Cheap point and shoot
Gorilla pod tripod
ipad for internet access
ipod for on bike music
Old school clam shell phone (7 days of battery!)
Chargers for all the above!

Factor 50 suncream for body and a suncream stick for lips
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Nail clippers
Shower gel/soap
First aid kit (plasters, assorted tablets)
Antibiotic cream
Ibuprofen tablets
Some electrolyte tablets to mix with water
XL travel towel
Combination padlock
Pack of matches
Some safety pins
Spare batteries
Little unbreakable (apparently) travel mirror
A knife, fork and spoon (taken from my cutlery set)
American Cycling Association maps

Have I forgotten anything? I think I may need:
a simple sewing kit
possibly some pepper spray for angry, snappy dogs
chamois cream
couple of bungie cords to hold the tent/bag/roll mat down to the rack
spare brake pads
body wipes

Pic from sbnation.com