Tuesday, September 18, 2012

So theres been a bit of a gap, but now I am back!

Quite a gap since May 29th on my blogging. I chalk it down to exuberance and excitement at first putting the blog together and then an immediate crash once the realisation sank in that it is seriously hard work creating good copy! Even so, lets have a quick catch up and see where I am 4 months down the line from my first blog post...

Previously I was just about to attend the Tour de Brooklyn with a few friends. It was a perfect day with blue skies and warm temperatures. There were over 2000 people participating and the route took us down some main routes through Brooklyn.

I must say that for someone who lives in Brooklyn the route was not the prettiest. Most likely due to the numbers of cyclists that we couldnt take in the really beautiful cycle lanes along the Hudson. However we were allowed to go through Hamilton military base which is usually off limits.

Overall though I would say that the ride had too many stops (due to having to stop traffic) and was heavily congested. If you are from another borough and want to cycle around Brooklyn this could be a good ride for you (as long as you dont expect a fast ride or a deep workout). Still, the people make a good ride and I loved spending the day with my friends.