Tuesday, May 15, 2012

You want to do what...?

The TransAmerica bicycle trail is a 4,241.5 mile route through the heart of America. For me it will start in historic York Town, Virgina and end months later in Astoria, Oregon. I am promised from the adventure cycling association that I will ride through "ocean coastline, lush forests, high desert, mountain passes, snow-capped peaks, sweeping vistas, expansive plains, fertile farmlands, rolling hills, and wide rivers". An adventure of the truest sense. A reimagining of exploring the frontier, albeit on two wheels rather than a horse. For someone locked at his desk for the next 12 months saving money and day dreaming, an adventure to savour.

This is my blog site. I have just come back from my favorite bike shop in New York city after placing my deposit on a sleek Trek 520 touring bike. Pam at Bicycle Habitat in Park Slope swiftly helped me reserve a 57cm frame, to be built and purchased in full next week. As I have now made my $1,349 commitment I thought it would be good fun to chart my training progress and trip via this blog.

I am a novice cyclist at best, mainly riding around New York on an imported Chris Boardman SC single speed road bike. My single longest ride last year was the 140 mile ride to Montauk from Penn Station which was punishing on the SC. I have not riden such a distance close before or since so I know the next 12 months of training will be crucial. I am approaching 30 this year and am not overly fit or athletic. This ride will test my endurance, courage and will power to breaking point. Just what I need to break 8 years of office (read software development) routine.

So, here we are, the very first step in a long journey. Next week promises a new bike and the start of some serious training!